Julia Glass’s latest book strikes right to the core of personal identity. How do we solidify our sense of who we are if we don’t know where we came from? In what ways can we take our place in the universe if our knowledge of our past is incomplete?

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ALL THAT I HAVE by Castle Freeman, Jr.

Backwoods “sheriffing” is a holistic sort of activity, bearing little resemblance to “policing,” as most people understand the concept. Vermont author Freeman’s longstanding rumination on the subject steps to the fore in this wry, dry, fourth novel.

Narrator Lucian Wing, sheriff of Ambrose and 17 surrounding towns, doesn’t wear a uniform and he leaves his gun in his sock drawer. He does keep the county’s expensive shotgun in the trunk of the sheriff’s car, but he rarely uses the car. “I like my truck. Plus it saves the county money.”

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