MOZART’S BLOOD by Louise Marley

In spite of the bodice-ripper cover, MOZART’S BLOOD is not a romance. Unless of course by romance you mean a romantic age or setting. It is a vampire tale set in the world of opera and spans centuries. The details of the struggles, competition and fleeting rewards of being an opera singer create a very romantic backdrop indeed.

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER, obviously an alternate biography, is fun from beginning to end. Seth Grahame-Smith’s includes mock journal entries and Photoshopped historic photos, so that the novel reads like an actual biography. The story is riveting throughout.

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THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin

In this staggering book of speculative fiction, Cronin has proven that he can transcend genre and, with his power of language, create a distant world that feels close and credible. THE PASSAGE is not your typical zombie or vampire novel; it isn’t cheesy or reductive. It shares some characteristics with its progenitor, THE STAND, and fans of King’s work will be arguably riveted by this (more updated) novel. But there are as many differences as there are similarities, and Cronin’s ambitions are ultimately more complex and expansive.

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SOULLESS by Gail Carriger

If you like humor with your vampires, ghosts in your alternate history, spinsters with superpowers in your period fiction, or werewolves in your romantic comedy, SOULLESS (The Parasol Protectorate) is just what you’re looking for. Gail Carriger’s protagonist is a Victorian woman who has been deemed a hopeless spinster by her own mother because of her too-large nose and Italian heritage. As such, she is forgiven her directness and lack of discretion. Fortunately for all concerned, her excitable and easily scandalized mother doesn’t know Alexia Tarabotti is soulless as well.

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TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer

I usually do not read books labeled “young adult.” I am an adult, many years away from being young, (except at heart!!), and, with a few exceptions, i.e., the Harry Potter novels and Wilson Rawl’s WHERE THE RED FERNS GROW,” I read literature for grown-ups. Yet, to my delight Stephenie Meyer has created an extraordinary young adult series, called “The Twilight Saga.” TWILIGHT is also the title of book one. These are original, delightful novels — even for someone who prefers her/his literature a bit more sophisticated. I could not put the first book down, literally…and will begin book two, NEW MOON, as soon as I finish writing this review. Believe me, there’s a reason that more than 10 million “Twilight” series books are in print. They are addictive.

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FROM DEAD TO WORSE by Charlaine Harris

Hey! Sookie fans – she’s back in her 8th adventure(s) with all the supernaturals – weres, vamps, shapshifters, faes, witches, and more!

Yep! Sookie, the 26 year-old telepathic barmaid extraordinaire from Bon Temps, Louisiana, has returned in FROM DEAD TO WORSE. Faced with new “challenges,” Sookie seems to mature in this novel. She acquires more of a sense of self and becomes, at the book’s end, a more confident and cautious person.

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