Val McDermid’s FEVER OF THE BONE is the latest installment in her series featuring Dr. Tony Hill and Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan, who have been close friends for years. They are both struggling with deep-seated scars from traumatic experiences that left them shaken. As a result, Carol has become a bit too fond of alcohol and Tony is a loner who believes that he is unfit for anything but his work as a criminal profiler and psychologist. Carol is the fiercely ambitious and dedicated leader of the Bradfield Metropolitan Police’s Major Incident Team. Unfortunately, she has a new boss, Chief Constable James Blake, who thinks that her specialized and highly skilled task force is an unaffordable luxury that should be disbanded and absorbed into the mainstream of the CID. Jordan tries to prove him wrong when several adolescents are found murdered and mutilated by someone who lured them to their deaths. Meanwhile, in West Mercia, Worcester, Detective Inspector Stuart Patterson and Detective Sergeant Alvin Ambrose are anxious to find the killer of fourteen-year-old Jennifer Maidment. Her body was found even before her mother reported her missing.

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In BENEATH THE BLEEDING, Val McDermid brings back the formidable pair, Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan and Dr. Tony Hill, psychologist and profiler. Jordan and Hill have a lengthy history, and if circumstances had been right, they might have married and had a family. As it stands, they are close friends, and Hill is Carol’s landlord. When Tony is attacked by an axe-wielding madman, he is laid up with a severe leg wound, but he still has the mental acuity to assist Jordan with some tricky cases. They include the mysterious poisoning of popular footballer Robbie Bishop and a possible terrorist attack…

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