CRASHED by Tim Hallinan

Well-known for his Simeon Grist and Poke Rafferty Bangkok series, Tim Hallinan introduces a new series character in CRASHED. Junior Bender is a top-of-the-line crook, hired for specific jobs, and pretty much working when his child support payments come due. Junior is also a private investigator, and most of the time, he works for the down-and-out, the underdog and/or those who can’t defend themselves. In essence, he’s a burglar with a good heart.

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QUEEN OF PATPONG by Timothy Hallinan

In THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, the fourth in Hallinan’s involving Poke Rafferty Bangkok thriller series finds the American travel writer enjoying family life with new wife Rose and adopted daughter Miaow.

Miaow, a former street kid, now attends a multi-national private school where, determined to be like everybody else, she’s renamed herself Mia. Rose is Rose, tall, edgy, beautiful, happy in her newfound domesticity. Then a blast from her bargirl past turns up and in minutes there’s blood drawn and terror in their hearts.

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BREATHING WATER by Timothy Hallinan

Hallinan sets a breakneck pace in his third to feature American ex-pat and longtime Bangkok resident, Poke Rafferty. Married to Rose, a tall, confident Thai beauty, and adoptive father of Miaow, a precocious former street child, Rafferty gets involved in a poker sting while working on a book about crooks called “Living Wrong.” But in addition to the marks, an extra player shows up, big, drunk and dangerous. Khun Pan, rich and ruthless, loses and takes it badly. Pan is the sort of man who grinds an expensive cigar out on a rare carpet just to flaunt his vulgar origins. To diffuse a violent outcome to the evening, Rafferty sets up one last bet and wins the right to write Pan’s biography, a heretofore forbidden project.

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