COYOTE HORIZON by Allen M. Steele

COYOTE HORIZON continues the story of the human settlers on Coyote, a moon of the planet Bear in the 47 Ursae Majoris system. Hawk Thompson, nephew of former president, Carlos Montero, is on parole after spending time in jail for killing his abusive father. As the story opens, he has a boring, dead-end job as customs inspector at the spaceport.

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ENDER IN EXILE by Orson Scott Card

If there can be one criticism of Orson Scott Card’s nearly perfect science fiction masterpiece Ender’s Game, it’s that the ending feels rushed. After destroying the Formics, Ender is carted off across space, where, in just one chapter, he learns to govern a colony and discovers the complex truth about why the Formics allowed him to annihilate them. Over twenty years later, Card has addressed this shortcoming in his most recent endeavor ENDER IN EXILE.

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