8 IN THE BOX by Raffi Yessayan

New author Raffi Yessayan’s first book 8 IN THE BOX is a solid legal thriller based in Boston, Massachusetts that is also a well done and enjoyable police procedural. With a mix of perspectives, Yessayan shows the thoughts of the homicide police detectives and the district attorneys as well as a serial killer that keeps the police busy looking for clues.

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Before getting kicked off the police force, Private eye Jack Carpenter served for sixteen years as head of the missing persons department for the Broward County Police Force in Florida. Kicked off the force for being too rough with witnesses, Jack still works with the missing persons department as a consultant. His specialty is finding missing children. He and his Australian Shepherd, Buster, form a team and they have a special sense for locating the missing. Jack is especially good at finding damaged children such as those who have autism, have been abused, or are handicapped in some way.

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In Jo Nesbø’s The Devil’s Star, Harry Hole is an alcoholic who will be lucky to reach his fortieth birthday. His job as an inspector in Oslo Police Headquarters is hanging by a thread. He would not have a position at all if his supervisor, Crime Squad Chief Inspector Bjarne Møller, did not feel sorry for him, especially since he knows what a terrific detective Harry is when he manages to stay sober. Harry’s self-loathing is deepened by regret over his crumbling relationship with his lover, Rakel. He is all too aware that he cannot offer Rakel the stability and security that she and her young son, Oleg, need and deserve.

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In THE VOWS OF SILENCE, the fourth Simon Serrailler mystery, Susan Hill picks up where she left off in THE RISK OF DARKNESS. Detective Chief Superintendent Serrailler remains a loner who relishes his job and enjoys his passion for drawing. His warm and compassionate sister, Dr. Cat Deerbon, her husband, Chris, and their three small children return from their nine-month stay in Australia, and Simon resumes his old habit of dropping by to hang out with Cat and her family. However, there are changes in store for the residents of the cathedral town of Lafferton, and not all of them are pleasant.

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THE SCARECROW by Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy and Rachel Walling, who were the main characters in Connelly’s first novel, THE POET, about a serial killer, return in this novel, in which they are chasing another serial killer, in THE SCARECCROW. This is not just an “ordinary” serial killer, however. This killer is a genius with the computer, able to get into any personal account anywhere to deny service, plant phony evidence and/or pornography, close out bank accounts, cancel plane reservations, or spy on e-mails and interoffice communications. What’s worse–he works for an internet security agency, and he is so clever that no one is even aware that a seemingly straightforward murder investigation involves a serial killer at all.

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HEARTSICK by Chelsea Cain

I am not into bloody, gory, serial killer novels, with the exception of Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Lecter – a real favorite of mine, although I wouldn’t want to have lunch with him! However, author Chelsea Cain has come up with a new take on the genre. Her psychopath is a woman, Gretchen Lowell, and an extremely beautiful, brilliant woman at that.

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