We read for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons frequently cited is that books offer an “escape.” How true that is, and books, of course, offer a variety of escapes. There’s the thrill of adventure and romance, and the infinite worlds of science fiction. But there’s another escape too–an escape into a simpler, cozier world in which, if the truth is told, the lives of some fictional characters seem enviable. And this brings me to Alexander McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street series.

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Scottish crime novel STILL MIDNIGHT from author Denise Mina explores the levels of prejudice which taint the investigation of a non-textbook kidnapping case. When Glasgow based detective Alex Morrow first arrives at the home of some hard-working Ugandan immigrants to investigate the crime, it looks as though the crooks hit the wrong house. The kidnappers snatched elderly shopkeeper Aamir Anwar from his family and left demanding two million pounds, saying this was “fucking payback. For Afghanistan.”

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WHAT BECOMES by A.L. Kennedy

What do we fear? Being lost to others? Becoming invisible to our loved ones? Relentless anger? Dashed spoiled hopes? Living a meaningless brief existence? How about nameless nasty pickup sex? Going to the dentist? Violence at the hands of one you love? Yes. That and more. If writing were therapy–and some say it is–A.L. Kennedy would be both patient and therapist, subject and practitioner. Or put another way, consider exposing your darkest thoughts, your most troublesome concerns to the light for all to see and pick over. And in doing this, you not just expose them, you render them with a power and an art to make them irresistible, like gaping at a horrible car wreak.

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