WWW : WATCH by Robert J. Sawyer

In Robert J. Sawyer’s WWW : WAKE, the first book of this trilogy, Caitlin Dector acquired sight through an optical implant that communicates with a device she calls her Eye-pod, which decodes the scrambled signals going to her brain from her eye. But before that she became the first person to “see” the World Wide Web, as a byproduct of the Eye-pod along with her own acquired ability to conceptualize Web connections. Caitlin encountered something else in the background of the Web: an emerging intelligence she dubbed Webmind. Caitlin adjusts to seeing the world around her for the first time, while Webmind began to see it through her.

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WWW : WAKE by Robert J. Sawyer

In this first book of Robert J. Sawyer’s WWW series, Caitlan Decter is a teenage math whiz who’s getting used to her family’s new digs in Canada. They moved from Texas where she attended a school for the blind. Now she’s entering a public school as a sophomore. But she’s not worried, because she’s “made of awesome.” With the help of cutting-edge technology, Caitlan spends a lot of time on the internet where her disability is unnoticed—until she gets an email from a Japanese researcher offering a new advancement that could restore her sight.

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