THE TIGER by John Vaillant

John Vaillant, author of The Golden Spruce, has written another exciting, page-turning book. For those of you not familiar with The Golden Spruce, it is about a tree worshipped by the Haida Indians in southeast Alaska. A mutant golden color, this tree had religious and spiritual significance for the Haida people. A renegade man with super physical abilities decided, in his disturbed thinking, that this tree must come down. How the townspeople and Haida Indians dealt with this loss, along with the history of this man’s life, is the subject of this book. Mr. Vaillant also examines the socio-cultural, economic, and history of southeast Alaska as it pertains to the felling of this tree. In THE TIGER, Mr. Vaillant’s latest book, he tells the story of a rogue tiger in southeast Russia that, in 1997, turns to man-eating.

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THE ART OF LOSING by Rebecca Connell

Rebecca Connell has written a finely fraught literary thriller and romance in her debut novel, THE ART OF LOSING. It examines the legacy of loss and betrayal and the extent to which a person will go to seek out the truth.

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A STRANGER LIKE YOU by Elizabeth Brundage

Elizabeth Brundage’s third novel A STRANGER LIKE YOU is her darkest to date. Her first novel THE DOCTOR’S WIFE is a tale of a woman married to a doctor who works a women’s clinic and performs abortions. The couple runs foul of anti-abortion activists in this tale which examines marital obligations against the backdrop of larger social issues. SOMEBODY ELSE’S DAUGHTER is set in an exclusive school for the children of the wealthy, but when the protected, elite environment is breeched, various ugly realities seep in. A STRANGER LIKE YOU is a post-9-11 tale: unrelentingly bleak and merciless in its examination of a decaying society of damaged people.

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THE DEAD LIE DOWN by Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah’s THE DEAD LIE DOWN is a multi-faceted psychological thriller about guilt, revenge, self-destruction, and redemption. All of the major characters have something to hide and they reveal their secrets reluctantly. Aiden Seed, who frames pictures for a living, has decided that he and the woman he loves, Ruth Bussey, should be open with one another before they become intimate. Ruth hesitantly admits that she did something shameful and was punished excessively for her actions. Aiden is sympathetic, saying, “The worst things stow away in the hold, follow you wherever you go.” It is then his turn to confess: “Years ago, I killed someone.” “Her name was Mary. Mary Trelease.”

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BEAT by Amy Boaz

Francis’s story is a familiar one – she’s a housewife who’s bored in her marriage, unfulfilled as a mother at home, and unsure of her own identity. She’s married to reliable, boring, regular Harry. They live in the suburbs of New York City with their two children, seven-year-old Cathy and three-year-old Bernie. The man she was once so attracted to when they married, has become chubby, clumsy, and pathetic in her eyes.

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DEAD I WELL MAY BE by Adrian McKinty

And so, after discovering a copy of DEAD I WELL MAY BE languishing unread on my bookshelf, I picked up this earlier McKinty novel wondering if the same clever use of structure would appear and whether or not McKinty is as good a storyteller as FIFTY GRAND implied…. DEAD I WELL MAY BE is the first novel in the Michael Forsythe trilogy and begins in Ireland in the aftermath of an IRA bombing.

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