THE THIRD RAIL by Michael Harvey

The Windy City is the setting for Michael Harvey’s fast-paced thriller, THE THIRD RAIL. Private investigator Michael Kelly is part of a task force that includes a detective named Vince Rodriguez and a no-nonsense FBI agent, Katherine Lawson. Their goal is to find a sadistic sniper who shot several passengers riding Chicago’s public transit system.

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BAD COP by Paul Bacon

A humorous view of cop life and fast-paced action introduce the reader to “New York’s least likely police officer.” What, Jeff Foxworthy as a cop? Close. Only Foxworthy or Paul Bacon could get away with plastering on the cover of a book: Duty called. I couldn’t find the phone. That, and the cop cliché of a partially eaten doughnut. Though this thought-provoking, hilarious reality cop tale appears to be mostly fiction, it is a memoir. “Some incidents have been combined, and all criminal suspects and NYPD members of service are depicted as composite characters, except the narrator and the cat.”

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