THE CUT by George Pelecanos

In THE CUT, the first book in a new series, George Pelecanos presents 29-year old tough private investigator and Iraqi war vet Spero Lucas. Lucas’s main job is to help defense attorney Tom Petersen, but he also works on his own at times. After helping gather information that leads to the acquittal of 15-year-old David Hawkins, Spero, at the request of Petersen, decides to visit with David’s father Anwan Hawkins, a drug dealer also represented by attorney Tom Petersen. Hawkins, in prison awaiting a major drug charge, wants Spero to investigate some theft of marijuana from a couple of his employees who are still running his drug business. Although somewhat reluctant, Spero decides to help as long as his 40% return fee cut is agreed to by Hawkins.

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INHERENT VICE by Thomas Pynchon

Larry “Doc” Sportello, the protagonist of this latest Pynchon novel, INHERENT VICE, is the quintessential hippy wild-man. He sometimes teases his hair into an Afro. He never passes up an opportunity to get high. He listens to rock ‘n roll, preferably stoned, and practices “free love” whenever–and wherever–he can make that happen. And yet he is a respected private investigator, a man who, in spite of himself, exercising wit and humor, succeeds. But just by the skin of his nicotine-stained teeth.

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LOSERS LIVE LONGER by Russell Atwood

Russell Atwood’s LOSERS LIVE LONGER is a warm and inviting book, like an old memory of a trip to Grandma’s house – that’s if your grandmother was Barbara Stanwyck in a slit skirt and she was packing heat.

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HOMICIDE MY OWN introduced menopausal Spokane detective Quinn, and the second novel, WALLA WALLA SUITE finds Quinn divorced and working as a PI in Seattle. Quinn is an engaging protagonist; intelligent, cynical and tough, she scrapes a living while thinking about rebuilding her personal life. In KRAPP’S LAST CASSETTE, Quinn is hired by a wealthy Hollywood screenwriter, Alex Krapp. It seems that Krapp has written a screenplay for HBO based on the best-selling memoir of a fifteen-year-old kid named Danny.

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Mon Dieu! Elegant Parisian PI, Aimee Leduc, owner of Leduc Detective Agency is back for Murder in the Rue de Paradis, the eighth mystery from author Cara Black. It’s August 1995, and to Parisians, that means it’s vacation time and everyone who can leave the city departs from the dust and heat for friendlier climes. Aimee, however, isn’t taking a vacation. She’s just landed a big contract, and feeling pleased with herself, she heads back from her late business meeting. On her way home, out of the blue, Aimee’s former lover, investigative journalist Yves Robert shows up without explanation.

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LOSER’S TOWN by Daniel Depp

LOSER’S TOWN is the first novel from Daniel Depp and the first in a series of David Spandau mysteries. Now I am going to get the nauseating stuff over with first: yes, Daniel DEPP is the half brother of Johnny Depp, and according to some internet sites, there are some unpleasant assumptions that having a famous sibling carries clout in the publishing world. When it comes to carving out accomplishments in the world, it must be a pain in the arse to have a phenomenally famous sibling.

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