ZEN AND NOW by Mark Richardson

Equal parts road trip, biography, philosophy and travelogue, ZEN AND NOW: ON THE TRAIL OF ROBERT PIRSIG AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE is an entertaining, educational and illuminating look at an American literary phenomenon and its creator.

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THE BIG MACHINE by Victor LaValle

THE BIG MACHINE is a genre-busting romp through the fields of good and evil. Part mystery, part science fiction, part philosophy, and part theology, this book takes us on a heady journey from underneath the earth’s surface to the wonderment of the universe.

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THE KINGDOM OF OHIO by Matthew Flaming

If you are mad about SOMEWHERE IN TIME and/or H. G. Wells’ THE TIME MACHINE, THE KINGDOM OF OHIO may be right up your alley. A star-crossed love story intertwines with questions of how people might leap from one time and place to another. However,THE KINGDOM OF OHIO would have been a more original story if it had been published during Well’s time, or even just before 1980 when the Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour movie was first released. Those who keep up with current physics theories and read science fiction and fantasy will find more derivative than seminal thought here, but this novel still emanates power to engage.

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DISTURBANCES IN THE FIELD is a deep novel and book of philosophy in one. It opens up very slowly, developing characterization and heading very slowly towards a tragedy. What, you might ask, is a disturbance in the field?

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This book is a great read. You’ll not be wanting to put it down. However, this book is as much a philosophy book as it is a novel. It asks the epistomological question “How do we know?” It also asks very far-reaching metaphysical questions such as “Who are we?,” “Are we really who we think we are?,” “Can we change who we are?,” and “If we change, then who do we become?”

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GENESIS by Bernard Beckett

Anaximander (Anax), a young female historian, is the main character and narrator of Bernard Beckett’s novella, GENESIS. She has been called before a panel of Examiners at The Academy. She expects to defend her interpretation of the life of Adam Forde, 2058-2077, as a precursor to being asked to join this prestigious group that governs her civilization. Adam was a nonconformist in the twenty-first century Plato Republic. Adam, assigned as a Soldier guarding the Great Sea Fence, committed a treasonous act and instead of drawing the normal death penalty was imprisoned to serve as a “companion” to an android named Art.

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