One can see why Rusty, Golden Richard’s son, would call him Sasquatch. After all, Golden is a lumbering, huge hulk of a man and to his son, probably as elusive to spot as Bigfoot. This is because Rusty is one of 28 children and Golden Richards is the “Lonely Polygamist” outlined in this novel’s title.

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GIRL WITH SKIRT OF STARS by Jennifer Kitchell

On her way to work, Lilli Chischilly finds two dead coyotes on the hood of her truck. She knows it’s a message but hasn’t figured out who, what or why. Lilli buried the coyotes, but that’s just the first piece of a mystery that grows in size and complexity every time she turns around. A murdered Navajo man found in the Badlands with coyote reproductive parts shoved down his throat; a series of photographs of a girl taken by her friend from long ago, Jerome Bah; political favors wanted from the presidential front runner; and another man who wants to kill the candidate to revenge a family wrong from the past. Somehow they all connect.

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