THE DROP by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is the real deal. Michael Connelly’s THE DROP is another superb entry in this outstanding series about an L. A. cop who is cynical and battle-weary, yet still committed to doing his job.

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THE FIFTH WITNESS by Michael Connelly

Michael (Mickey) Haller is still working out of the back seat of his armor-plated Lincoln Town Car, but he now specializes in helping people prevent or delay foreclosure on their homes. In the shattered economy and with housing prices in freefall, business has been brisk. Although criminal defense is his first love, Mickey has changed course, knowing that “the only growth industry in the law business was foreclosure defense.”

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THE REVERSAL by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly brings together criminal defense attorney Michael (Mickey) Haller and his half-brother, the cynical and battle-scarred LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, in Connelly’s latest legal thriller, THE REVERSAL. Mickey calls himself “the defender of the damned,” a job he has had for over twenty years. “During that time,” he states, “I’d grown a suspicion and distrust of prosecutors and police….” Still, the Los Angeles District Attorney convinces Mickey to become an independent special prosecutor in the second trial of forty-eight year old Jason Jessup. The defendant has spent twenty-four years in San Quentin for abducting and strangling twelve-old Melissa Landy. Over the last two decades, Jessup has vociferously proclaimed his innocence while filing numerous motions and appeals in an attempt to have his conviction overturned.

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NINE DRAGONS by Michael Connelly

In Michael Connelly’s NINE DRAGONS, Detective Harry Bosch, who works in the Robbery-Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, is sent with his partner to investigate a “rob job” at a liquor store that resulted in the shooting death of the proprietor, John Li. After speaking to Li’s family and viewing surveillance discs, Bosch comes up with two theories. Either a teenage shoplifter who was banished from the liquor store committed the crime, or a member of the Chinese Triad (thugs who extort money and engage in other illegal activities) killed Li for refusing to pay protection money. For a variety of reasons, Bosch leans towards the second explanation. When he realizes that his ignorance of Chinese language and culture might impede his investigation, Harry enlists the aid of Detective David Chu to interview witnesses and provide him with relevant background information.

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THE SCARECROW by Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy and Rachel Walling, who were the main characters in Connelly’s first novel, THE POET, about a serial killer, return in this novel, in which they are chasing another serial killer, in THE SCARECCROW. This is not just an “ordinary” serial killer, however. This killer is a genius with the computer, able to get into any personal account anywhere to deny service, plant phony evidence and/or pornography, close out bank accounts, cancel plane reservations, or spy on e-mails and interoffice communications. What’s worse–he works for an internet security agency, and he is so clever that no one is even aware that a seemingly straightforward murder investigation involves a serial killer at all.

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