VICIOUS CIRCLE is a wonderfully entertaining, fantasy thriller a la noir. The novel abounds with otherworldly creatures – demons, ghosts, zombies, a succubus, lycanthropes, (loup-garous) and one of the Devil’s highest ranking minions. What makes the novel really unique, however, is the humor. Felix, (“Fix”), Castor is one of the wittiest protagonists I have come across in a long while. And many of Mike Carey’s other characters are real originals. Some of the dialogue made me laugh out loud while shaking in my proverbial boots.

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Benjamin Weaver, Jew, thieftaker, and former pugilist, enjoys a certain notoriety and standing in 1722 London. As a Jew he is accustomed to derision and discrimination and has only in recent years come to bask in a sense of family and community. As a champion boxer he is a bit of a celebrity; feared and admired – a natural for the freewheeling, dubious profession of thieftaker, the 18th century private eye.

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HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY by Audrey Niffenegger

HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY, Audrey Niffenegger’s successor to her immensely popular THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, is a ghost story centered around a London cemetery and the people drawn, both voluntarily and not, to its intimacies. When Elsbeth Noblin dies of leukemia, she leaves her heirs with a strange legacy of demands and unfinished business. Her now-American and estranged twin Edie no longer has the chance to reconcile with her sister. Her lover Robert, who lived in the flat below her, is bequeathed her papers and diaries, although he is too grief-stricken to read them. And Elsbeth’s twenty year old, mirror twin, American nieces, Julia and Valentina, are left everything else, including Elsbeth’s Highgate flat, on the condition that they live in it together for a full year.

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THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, is a wonderfully entertaining, chilling, thriller. The novel abounds with otherworldly creatures – demons, ghosts, zombies, and lycanthropes, (loup-garou). The Devil himself, or one of his high ranking minions, even makes a brief appearance. However, some of Carey’s human characters are so evil that the supernatural seem charming by comparison. What makes the novel really unique is the humor.

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In YES, MY DARLING DAUGHTER, Grace is a single mother living in London with her nearly 4-year old daughter, Sylvie. Sylvie is an interesting child. She has never once called her mother anything but “Grace” from the time that she started talking. She is completely phobic about getting any water on her face and she draws the same house over and over, claiming it to be “my house,” though the house looks nothing like the flat she and her mother live in. She says other weird things, such as accusing her best friend Lennie as being “not my Lennie.” And, she is very sad. Normal children are not sad.

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STONE’S FALL by Iain Pears (1)

A panoramic novel with a riveting mystery at its heart, STONE’S FALL is a quest to discover how and why John Stone dies. Chronologically, it moves backwards–from London in 1909 to Paris in 1890, and finally to Venice in 1867– and in the process the quest to uncover the truth plays out against the backdrop of the evolution of high-stakes international finance, Europe’s first great age of espionage, and the start of the twentieth century’s arms race.

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