8 IN THE BOX by Raffi Yessayan

New author Raffi Yessayan’s first book 8 IN THE BOX is a solid legal thriller based in Boston, Massachusetts that is also a well done and enjoyable police procedural. With a mix of perspectives, Yessayan shows the thoughts of the homicide police detectives and the district attorneys as well as a serial killer that keeps the police busy looking for clues.

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INNOCENT by Scott Turow

Back in 1987, Scott Turow’s PRESUMED INNOCENT created a sensation. It had all of the elements that fans of legal thrillers adore: murder, adultery, courtroom pyrotechnics, and a final twist that knocked everyone’s socks off. In INNOCENT, the highly anticipated sequel, it is 2007. Rusty Sabich is now sixty years old and has risen to become Chief Judge of the Third District Appellate Court in Kindle County. He is hoping to run for the State Supreme Court in the near future. Unfortunately, his personal life has been far less successful than his career.

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FRAME UP by John F. Dobbyn

Michael Knight may be too young to remember the Green Hornet, but this junior partner in the Devlin and Knight law firm spends a lot more time in Frame Up risking his life than he does cross-examining witnesses in a courtroom. In fact, his first act in Chapter One is to struggle back to consciousness to the voice of his anxious father-figure senior partner, Lex Devlin. Mr. Devlin, as Michael always calls him, tells the younger man he’s in Mass. General Hospital and is “a roadmap of lacerations around the face.” Michael was wounded when a car he was walking toward exploded and he was “hit with something that felt like the defensive front line of the New York Patriots.” But it isn’t Michael’s injuries that pain him the most. Inside that car had been his best friend, John McKedrick.

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AMONG THIEVES opens its prologue with a man from Ireland named Liam about to finish off “a lump of flesh curled in front of him on the cement floor.” He had tortured “the lump” for information that he had not gotten. While looking down at the man, Murphy, Liam remembered how, when he was a child in Belfast, a vengeance killing left him the only survivor in his immediate family. This grisly event had put him on his current path of mayhem and murder.

Next, Boston attorney Scott Finn enters the Nashua Street Jail to visit Devon Malley, a guy he knew back in the day when he wasn’t such an upstanding citizen either. Devon is in the joint for what looks like a smash-and-grab at a very expensive clothing and lingerie store. But as Scott, his paralegal, Lissa Krantz, and his investigator, Tom Kozlowski, soon discover, defending Devon is no piece of cake. Not to mention this could well become a pro bono case that could end up costing much more than foregone greenbacks.

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A PLAGUE OF SECRETS by John Lescroart

In John Lescroart’s A PLAGUE OF SECRETS, San Francisco-based criminal defense attorney Dismas Hardy once again takes center stage, along with his close friend, Abe Glitsky, the head of San Francisco’s Homicide Department, and Hardy’s investigator, Wyatt Hunt. Hardy’s latest client, thirty-two year old Maya Townshend, is a wealthy woman whose husband makes millions in the real estate business. She also owns Bay Beans West, a popular coffee shop. When the shop’s manager, Dylan Vogler, who sidelines as a marijuana dealer, is found shot dead, suspicion falls on Maya.

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REVELATION by C. J. Sansom

C. J. Sansom’s REVELATION takes place in 1543, a tumultuous year in English history. Religious fanaticism is on the rise among Protestants and Catholics alike; Henry VIII, who is ailing, has been urging Lady Catherine Parr to become his sixth wife, but she is reluctant to accept his proposal; the chasm between rich and poor is huge, with filthy, starving, and often mentally ill beggars crowding the thoroughfares…In this, the fourth installment in Sansom’s splendid series, the narrator, forty-year old lawyer Matthew Shardlake, seems to have finally found peace of mind.

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