NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro

NEVER LET ME GO is a magnificent achievement, one that I personally rate above all other Ishiguro novels, because it adds an unexpected and quietly devastating emotional dimension to his already-powerful armory. Although this book has something of the alternative-reality feel of THE UNCONSOLED, it is by no means as difficult to read. It probably beats even THE REMAINS OF THE DAY in the surface lucidity of its narration, and emotions that had been denied or repressed in that earlier novel are here allowed to flower, albeit briefly. Indeed, one strand of this most unusual Bildungsroman is a love story, simple, true, and almost traditional, though denied the traditional happy-ever-after ending.

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NOCTURNES by Kazuo Ishiguro

Music, musicians, strains of regret and longing for what never will be, come together to form NOCTURNES, a collection of five short stories by Kazuo Ishigiro. Winner of the Booker and the Whitbread Prize, Ishiguro, an established master of the longer form (REMAINS OF THE DAY, THE UNCONSOLED, NEVER LET ME GO) experiments here with lighter, briefer fare and that’s what we get.

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