EMPIRE OF HUMILIATION by James Jens Brusseau

As a Latin American woman I read EMPIRE OF HUMILIATION hoping for a novel that I could relate to, and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved the descriptions of Mexico DF which made me feel like I was back there again. I mean the description of dinner plates at outdoor restaurants getting so coated by the oily air pollution that you can write on them with your finger, that’s exactly how terrible it is.

May 14, 2009 · Judi Clark · One Comment
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SAVE THE WHALES PLEASE by Konrad Karl Gatien & Sreescanda

Jan Everett is First Lady of the United States. She is also a fiercely dedicated Save the Whales activist. But she doesn’t safely limit herself to office fundraising and the rubber chicken speech circuit. She brings the same total commitment to testifying before the International Whaling Commission on behalf of a total ban on whale hunts as she does to personally sailing with and even leading crews that confront, harry, and seek to sink the pelagic whaling fleets…

May 8, 2009 · Judi Clark · No Comments
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KILLING CASTRO by Lawrence Block

This breathtaking thriller, originally published the year before the Cuban Missile Crisis under a pen name Lawrence Block never used before or since, is the rarest of Block’s books—and still a work of chilling relevance all these years later, with Castro and Cuba once again commanding headlines.

April 30, 2009 · Judi Clark · 3 Comments
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