When Helen and Thomas Deracotte—the protagonists of the novel A COUNTRY CALLED HOME—first meet, each is desperately trying to break clean from a trying past. Thomas, the son of an alcoholic single father, is brought up by an illiterate grandmother and through hard work, makes it to medical school. When his grandmother passes away just as Thomas graduates from medical school, he can find nothing to anchor him to home. On the contrary, Thomas wants, both literally and figuratively, to put as much distance between him and the life he has known, as possible.

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Sheriff Bo Tully is back in THE DOUBLE-JACK MURDERS, another entertaining, fun and enjoyable quick-read mystery by Patrick McManus in the third book of this promising series. In this adventure, the story takes place mostly in the Deadman Creek area of the Snowy Mountains of Idaho where Bo, Pap (Bo’s father) and Bo’s friend “Indian” Dave Perkins go camping, partly to avoid Lucas Kincaid, an escaped murderer who is after the Sheriff, and partly to look into the 1927 disappearance of the father of local resident Agatha Wrenn.

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KILLER SUMMER by Ridley Pearson

Sheriff Walt Fleming is back. He and his department are tasked with guarding a pair of ballyhooed “John Adams” bottles of wine (reportedly a gift to Adams from fellow revolutionary Thomas Jefferson) until they can be auctioned at the summer Sun Valley fund-raiser. He is also trying to shoehorn in some fishing with his nephew, seventeen-year-old Kevin. But duty interrupts their river time when Walt, ever-vigilant, notices a wrecker towing a Taurus away from town where automotive repair services are located.

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