DOORS OPEN by Ian Rankin

The title of Ian Rankin’s latest stand-alone crime thriller is DOORS OPEN, and this title has both literal and figurative meanings. Figuratively the title refers to the “open doors” of opportunities and decisions. “Open doors” are those moments when we glimpse the possibilities of choice and a different sort of future, and during those moments we decide whether or not to pass through that open door, or just walk away….

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EXIT MUSIC by Ian Rankin

There are so many novels on the market with new titles piling into bookshops every month, and sometimes it’s difficult to pick the substantive novels from the pap. Perhaps this is especially true in the crime genre which can all too often boil down to formulaic plots in which the crime and its solution go through the necessary, tired and obligatory motions. Here’s a public confession: until September 2009, I’d never read any novels by Scottish author Ian Rankin, but after I watched three films in the Rebus series, I decided it was about time I tried at least one of his novels.

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