GET REAL by Donald E. Westlake

And this brings me to Donald Westlake’s novel GET REAL. Realizing the capacity for comedy, several authors have taken the idea of reality television and written some very creative and funny books built on the subject: Ben Elton’s Chart Throb and Dead Famous, for example, and now Westlake tries his hand, and the result is a witty crime caper novel featuring one of Westlake’s regulars, John Dortmunder.

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Filled with the fragmentation, incoherence and ambiguity that typify much of post-modernist thought, WONDERFUL WORLD is a challenge for the reader, since the very characteristics which make it “post-modern” are also characteristics which are off-putting for readers who expect a novel to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. And when that novel is almost five hundred pages long, the challenges are even more daunting, since it is difficult to know how much of the incoherence and fragmentation is deliberate and how much may be the result of less than rigorous editing.

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