LIVE WIRE by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar is back in LIVE WIRE, the tenth book in this great series and the first since Long Lost (2009). Last time, Myron was in France but this time he’s back in New York and north Jersey where he works as an agent representing sports professionals and other celebrities. Myron is asked for help by one of his first clients, former tennis star Suzze T. (Trevantino) who is now eight months pregnant. She wants Myron to find her husband, Lex Rider who is missing after seeing the post of “Not His” about his wife’s pregnancy on her Facebook page.

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PLAY DEAD by Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben’s first book, PLAY DEAD is finally back in print, and although not as good as his more famous books, it certainly is thrilling and enjoyable. The life of former supermodel and current businesswoman Laura Ayars changes significantly after she secretly marries Boston Celtic star David Baskin. While honeymooning in Australia, Laura returns from a business meeting to find a note from David that he is swimming. When David never returns, Laura notifies David’s best friend T.C. and he, along with the police determine that David has drowned.

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CAUGHT by Harlan Coben

Dan Mercer’s life very quickly changes for the worst as TV newswoman Wendy Tynes catches him going to a meeting with a thirteen-year old girl she pretends to be to lore pedophiles like she thinks Dan is into her trap. Dan is vehement in his innocence and as the reader knows, he thought he was going to help a young girl not to have sex with her. However, in this case, despite the evidence against him, Wendy starts to have some doubt, especially when Dan’s ex-wife and her husband seem so willing to defend him.

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