THE LAST RUN by Greg Rucka

THE LAST RUN, by Greg Rucka, is the third in his Queen and Country series featuring Tara Chace, a tough-minded and fiercely independent protagonist. Chace’s life has not been a walk in the park. She had to grow up quickly; her parents separated when she was ten years old. She was forced to leave her home in Switzerland and attend an English boarding school. During her last year in Cambridge, she was recruited by Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. Tara agreed to join the Firm as a fledgling spy who, thanks to her sharp mind, fluency in four languages, and incredibly quick learning curve, became a Minder or Special Operations Officer. She learned every aspect of tradecraft, but even her consummate skill did not protect her from being “stripped, beaten, tortured, and nearly raped in Uzbekistan.” She survived, and managed to work her way up Head of Section for the SIS, under the supervision of Paul Crocker, Director of Operations.

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