LYING WITH THE DEAD by Michael Mewshaw

LYING WITH THE DEAD by Michael Mewshaw is a novel about a dysfunctional family but it is also much more than that. It is a Greek tragedy, a morality tale, a story about the conflicting and diametrically opposed emotions that grip us all, and a novel about sibling love. The novel unfolds in chapters told from the points of view of each of the children – – Quinn, Maury and Candy.

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BEGINNER’S GREEK by James Collins

This is a novel that is much more complex than it appears to be on the surface. On the surface, it is a comedy of errors, a love story gone wrong. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, events intervene preventing their relationship from becoming requited. Yet the Fates intercede and somehow, as in a Greek play, we listen to the Muses from the sidelines as they let the reader know all of the great things and minutiae that occur every step of the way in this couple’s journey back and forth and sideways from one another

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