THE CUT by George Pelecanos

In THE CUT, the first book in a new series, George Pelecanos presents 29-year old tough private investigator and Iraqi war vet Spero Lucas. Lucas’s main job is to help defense attorney Tom Petersen, but he also works on his own at times. After helping gather information that leads to the acquittal of 15-year-old David Hawkins, Spero, at the request of Petersen, decides to visit with David’s father Anwan Hawkins, a drug dealer also represented by attorney Tom Petersen. Hawkins, in prison awaiting a major drug charge, wants Spero to investigate some theft of marijuana from a couple of his employees who are still running his drug business. Although somewhat reluctant, Spero decides to help as long as his 40% return fee cut is agreed to by Hawkins.

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THE WAY HOME by George Pelecanos

THE WAY HOME begins with Chris Flynn doing time in the juvenile rehabilitation centre at Pine Ridge, Maryland “about twenty-five miles from Northwest D.C.” The first section of the novel concentrates on Chris’s life at Pine Ridge and the relationships he forges with the other juvenile offenders. As the only white inmate, he’s known somewhat predictably as “white boy.” It’s a term he’s grown used to and a term he doesn’t take personally. Most of the other inmates can’t understand what Chris is doing there; they see him as an idiot for jeopardizing the advantages he has: loving, caring parents, a home, and a dog.

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THE TURNAROUND by George Pelecanos

With his 15th novel, THE TURNAROUND, George Pelecanos has written another powerful story that permits him to expound on the themes and issues his writing has centered on: the possibility of reconciliation, the meaning of work, the issues of race and class, the importance of family and friendship, and sacrifice.

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