Romulus Ledbetter of THE CAVEMANS VALENTINE is one of the most usual protagonists that I have met in a long while. And I found myself not only intrigued by his complex character but liking him very much. This is a fascinating murder mystery and a well written narrative…

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RAVENS by George Dawes Green

RAVENS is a taut psychological thriller. George Dawes Green is a master at building tension. I noticed that I was biting my nails about half-way through the book. Just as the reader thinks everything is about to blow-up, the author lifts his foot from the pedal, slightly…then he steps on the gas again. I was riveted by the original storyline and the well developed characters – some of whom are Really characters, especially Nell, the grandmother. There is humor here also, some much needed comic relief. The dialogue is excellent, especially the “texting” language used between Tara and her best friend.

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