THE WINDUP GIRL by Paolo Bacigalupi

Unlike much of the world, the Thai Kingdom had avoided inundation by the rising oceans. It had avoided pandemic decimation of crops and population. It had kept the global agri-corporations from accessing and either exploiting or destroying its vast and precious seed banks. It had taken drastic, isolationist steps to preserve itself while most of the rest of the world faltered into massive contraction and potential extinction.

The white shirts of the Environment Ministry enforced the official policy of the Child Queen’s regime, burning fields and villages if genetic blight or plague struck, conducting customs inspections of the expensive goods imported on dirigibles and confiscating and destroying even items supposedly protected by large bribes. And, “mulching” any windups they discovered.

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INFINITE JEST by David Foster Wallace

I’ve thought a great deal about this review, since beginning the book, in fact. (I wonder if even the word “review” is the right one. A review implies more than I think I can deliver.) This is no ordinary book and writing about it is not a normal experience. This book is big and thick and juicy and full of complexities, ripe with humor and allusion, digressions and insights. For this reader, it is the book of a dream. I mean that in two ways…

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THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD by Margaret Atwood

In THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD, two women, separately isolated, watch as a gene-engineered plague wipes out humanity in a stand-alone novel set in the same dystopian world Atwood first created in 2003’s ORYX AND CRAKE.

Both women – Ren and Toby – are former members of God’s Garderners, a vegan, pacifist eco-cult who long predicted the “waterless flood” which destroys humanity….

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WHAT’S NEXT? edited by Max Brockman

Max Brockman is a literary agent for such prominent scientists/authors as Jared Diamond, Richard Dawkins, and Steven Pinker. In this anthology, WHAT’S NEXT? Dispatches on the Future of Science, the contributors have, for the most part, yet to establish themselves in the public consciousness; many of them earned their Ph.Ds within the last ten years, and the earliest doctorate among them dates to 1993. But within their fields, they are doing groundbreaking research…

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