NO WAY OUT by Alan Jacobson

Karen Vail finds herself in a different role and a different country in NO WAY OUT, the fifth book in the series by Alan Jacobson. Karen, an FBI profiler, is sent to England to assist Scotland Yard in a theft of a key document that she finds out may show that Amelia Bassano Lanier, a woman who also happens to have been Jewish and black, actually was the author of all of the plays and poems attributed to William Shakespeare.

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EDGE by Jeffrey Deaver

Action-suspense master Deaver’s latest nail-biter pits the narrator, Corte, a government protection expert, known as a “shepherd,” against a ruthless “lifter,” Henry Loving, whose job is to grab the target – a DC cop – and extract information from him by any means possible, meaning torture, as we’ve already seen in a grisly prologue.

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Steve Vail, the title character in Noah Boyd’s THE BRICKLAYER, throws bank robbers through plate glass windows in his spare time. Although he was an FBI special agent for three years earlier in the decade, he didn’t work well with authority and the association was terminated.

Now, his day job slapping cement between oblong red things in Chicago is interrupted by a woman who introduces herself as Kate Bannon, FBI Deputy Assistant Director, and she persuades Vail to go to Washington to hear out Director Lasker and Assistant Director Kaulcrick.

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