From the opening pages, it is evident that Gilbert can write with lyricism, confidence, and substance. I was afraid that her mass popularity would lead to a dumbed down book with pandering social/political agendas or telegraphed notions. I am thrilled to conclude that this was not the case. Gilbert is a superb writer who allows her main characters to spring forth as organically as the natural world that they live in.

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COMMITTED: A LOVE STORY by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book, COMMITTED: A SKEPTIC MAKES PEACE WITH MARRIAGE, is the follow-up to her mega-seller and beloved memoir, EAT, PRAY LOVE. This book begins where EAT, PRAY, LOVE leaves off. Ms. Gilbert is still with her love, Felipe, in a committed, monogamous and life-long relationship. Felipe is Brazilian born and an Australian citizen. He is a gem dealer who conducts most of his business in the United States. They have an idyllic life, living in a small house in Pennsylvania. Felipe gets 90 day visas, comes to the United States, leaves for a while, gets another visa, and comes back. At least, that is what was going on until one day in 2006, while at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Homeland Security refuses to let Felipe into the United States. There was only one way that he could get into this country, and that was by marrying Liz.

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