A “tangle” of sea serpents, (as in a pod of whales, or a litter of puppies or kittens), made their way from the sea, fighting to move up the Rain Wilds River in the perilous journey to their ancient cocooning grounds. These sickly serpents, the first of their kind in generations, were led by the dragon queen Tintaglia, in the hopes of preventing the race of dragons from dying out. The serpents were too weak to make it to their intended destination and stopped, out of necessity, in the Rain Wilds, where the river’s acid waters and thick, impenetrable forests is a hard place for any to survive, let alone hibernate and hatch into healthy “dragonlings.” It was in this unhealthy environment that they spun their wizardwood cocoons and went into hibernation….

February 14, 2010 В· Judi Clark В· Comments Closed
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