A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY by Lauren Grodstein

Just like her earlier debut novel REPRODUCTION IS THE FLAW OF LOVE, Lauren Grodstein’s new book, too, is written from the point of view of a morose male protagonist. The hero in A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY is Peter Dizinoff, a doctor living in a very comfortable New Jersey suburb. In the beginning of the novel we find Dizinoff unhappy and separated from his family, but we are not told why. Flipping between flashbacks, we learn that his son Alec, on whom all of his fatherly expectations are laden, has disappointed his father by dropping out of a promising school.

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MUDBOUND by Hillary Jordan

“Mudbound” is the very unaffectionate name that Laura and her children give to her husband, Henry’s, Mississippi cotton farm. Mudbound is without running water, electricity and, as the name implies, muddy and dirty. For a good part of the year it is inaccessible to any town because the huge quantity of rain washes out the only bridge that links Mudbound to civilization.

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