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Judi Clark is the editor of MostlyFiction.com.  She started MostlyFiction in February 1998 as an excercise to learn HTML  It is no wonder that she would choose recommending books as her website subject matter. She has been an avid reader all of her life — and has always felt that it was important to tell people about the books that she was reading.  Just ask her family and they will roll their eyes in response.

judi1She reads mostly fiction, of course, and loves all the genres that this site includes.  Hey, this website is her baby, so this makes sense. But really, she will read anything.  And on any media, as it turns out.  Not surprising since cereal boxes at breakfast used to be a good way to sneak an extra read.  Now she reads books on her Kindle and iPhone. She just downloads the Kindle books to her iPhone and now she always has a book in her back pocket  (and can even read without turning on the light at night).  Of course, mixed in that are advanced reader copies, library books, and the perpetual collection of  hard cover and paperbacks.  And when they are traveling, road signs and historical markers will do. Internet news seems to have replaced the cereal boxes at breakfast.

Originally she wrote all the reviews herself, but in order to cover a greater number of books, she recruited others to help write reviews, luring fellow avid readers with promises of free books.  She now has the best team of reviewers and is so successful that in the past few years, she’s not had time to write any of her own reviews.  Especially since she wants to read nearly every book that gets posted on MostlyFiction.  So, many, many books….

Judi has lived in New Hampshire, Maine, and the Florida Keys (on their 30′ sailboat).  For awhile, she and Carl lived in a class A motorhome, but since when Judi took a full time job in Quartzsite, Arizona, they purchased a “park model” with an essential central air conditioning unit and sold the RV.  Carl is content to stay home and work on his model airplanes. So, when Judi gets antsy, she drives the Prius to one of the many southwest wonders and pitches a tent, which is a lot more affordable.

She is always hoping that she’ll have time to write reviews again. But at least she is reading lots.

Here are her most recent reviews:













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