Friederike Knabe

Friederike worked in the fields of international policy and programming concerning third world sustainable development and human rights, primarily in Africa, for some thirty years. Of German background, Friederike Knabe was based in London, UK after leaving Germany following her postgraduate studies in Eastern European and French languages and literatures. She immigrated to Canada in 1989. She continues to work part-time as a consultant in her fields of research. She has published various studies and articles over the years and started reviewing books in 2001 (on, primarily non-fiction books.

Her reading and reviewing has evolved in the last five years or so with her stronger interest in Canadian literarature and a growing sense of importance to reconnect with her own past through reading fiction and to explore African fiction. Now, her fiction reading is wide ranging and comes from many countries. Wherever possible she reads books in their original language, at time in parallel with English to get a sense of literary translation and its challenges. Her reading preferences rarely (however with exceptions) extend to poetry collection, science fiction, thrillers. Overall, she enjoys books that relate to world regions and/or themes where she has some familiarity or knowledge already or topics that touch on issues that provoke reflection and further investigation. In addition to publishing reviews on the various Amazon sites, she has a monthly column for reviews and author interviews in a local community paper.

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