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Eleanor Bukowsky was an English major in college and is now a public librarian. Her library patrons often ask her to help them select enjoyable books for recreational reading. In addition, she conducts and participates in book discussions regularly. Eleanor also reviews books on Amazon.com as booklover10. Eleanor has reviewed the following for MostlyFiction.com:



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  1. MrsRJ - August 7, 2009

    I thought you might be interested in knowing that your very well written review of Carol Cassella’s Oxygen has been plagiarized by Quality Book Reviews both on their site & Amazon.com

    As a book lover & avid reader I find this type of behavior disturbing.

  2. Judi Clark - August 7, 2009

    Hi Mrs RJ,

    Thanks for your concern and for pointing this out to us.

    I hope the review that you are referring to on Amazon.com is indeed the one that Eleanor Bukowsky wrote and not someone else. As it says in Eleanor’s bio above, she does submit her reviews to amazon.com as well. If you are not referring to the one authored by: E. Bukowsky “booklover10” — please let me know who the author is and I’ll track it down. The link that you gave with your comment does not lead anywhere (and thus I removed it).

    I found the QUALITY BOOK REVIEWS site and the review of OXYGEN but it does not look to be a copy of Eleanor’s review. Maybe they changed it? If you can give me a link to the review that you saw, I would appreciate it much.

    It is possible that a site is taking reviews off of amazon through a tool that amazon provides… it was a common problem a couple years ago but since Google didn’t give these sites significant rating to generate traffic, that seems to have stopped. Or, it is still going on but the sites are lost to the ranking system.

    Judi Clark, Editor

  3. MrsRJ - August 8, 2009

    The review I refer wasn’t an exact duplication throughout, but several sentences were taken directly…after looking thru the site it appears that the reviews posted are taken from multiple other reviews & pieced together. It does appear to have been “altered” somewhat since this was pointed out. I’m glad the reproduction has stopped or is slacking off, especially when proper credits aren’t given.

  4. Judi Clark - August 8, 2009

    Oh! Well, that is certainly harder to detect! I have no idea how to stop someone from doing that except as you did.. you see it, you call them on it.

    Awhile ago, there was some Chinese sites that would just copy stuff straight off of MostlyFiction.com and post it under their own user names. I spent a couple days writing comments on their site… every single book review I mentioned that it was copy off of my site and gave the link to the original review. They took the site down. Then it popped up under a new name a few days later. I didn’t have the energy to start my campaign again but I assume someone did because it was gone after that. Or so I hope.

    I see that you also have a review site. I hope you don’t mind me saying this… but I the text is too dark on yours pages and and I can’t read it on my MacBook Pro.

  5. MrsRJ - August 8, 2009

    Thanks for stopping by the site – I have no idea what changed the font color on the page – it had a white background yesterday with black type – so i have the front page changed – but am still working on the rest of the pages….this is the third time it has happened…but i can’t change it on the Links listed on the sidebar….(ugg) But I do thank you for your input. And I know what you mean about it being time consuming and very frustrating…I just can’t understand why folks can’t do “their own thing” and be proud of it! :) Thanks again. (By the way, the reviews here are awesome and the site is easy to navigate & very, very nice!)

  6. HandsomeAl - March 7, 2011

    A note for Eleanor – appreciate your reviews. Have you read “THe Lion’s Game” ?



  7. booklover10 - March 8, 2011

    Thanks for the nice comment. No, I have not read “The Lion’s Game.” I am now in the middle of Henning Mankell’s new book, “The Troubled Man.” The Scandanavians have become very hot since Stieg Larsson’s books became “must reads.”

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