Bill Brody

Bill has a B.S. in Mathematics and an M.F.A. in painting with a minor in printmaking. He taught painting, printmaking, drawing and computer art for more than 30 years at a number of colleges and universities. Most of his academic career has been with the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. After he retired from teaching in 2000 he worked at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center until 2006 as a visualization research specialist, most notably on a project to develop an application for doing sculpture in virtual reality.

I have been on more than 60 wilderness painting expeditions, for the most part in Alaska, but also in the Everglades and in Scotland.  He continues to work as an artist in a wide variety of media. Bill has received six major public art commissions as part of the Alaska Per Cent for Art Program. His work is in the collection of a number of museums and has been exhibited internationally.

Bill has been an avid reader all his life. When he is not reading books passed along by his reviewer bride, Bonnie, he loves to read science fiction, fantasy and the occasional books in the field of cognitive neuroscience. For the most part, however, his compelling passion is to create art.

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