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In THE FINANCIAL LIVES OF THE POETS, author Jess Walter has created an everyman character with a twist. Forty-six year old newspaper reporter Matt Prior has been laid off from his job. With his severance package running out, panic has set in. Questionable monetary choices, including most notably, Matt’s unsuccessful launch of the website, which was to give financial advice in verse, but instead ate up their savings before it launched, and his wife Lisa’s brief e-Bay buying spree and a bit of financial juggling with their mortgage, have left the Priors in a home worth less then what they owe on it; a very topical situation.

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CAIRO MODERN by Naguib Mahfouz

Set in the 1930s and published in 1945, CAIRO MODERN is, by turns, ironic, satirical, farcical, and, ultimately, cynical, as the author creates a morality tale which takes place in a country where life’s most basic guiding principles are still uncertain. World War II has kept the British on the scene as a foreign power, a weak Egyptian monarchy is under siege by reformers, and the army is growing. As the novel opens, four college students, all due to graduate that year, are arguing moral principles, one planning to live his life according to “the principles that God Almighty has decreed,” while others argue in favor of science as the new religion, materialism, social liberation, and even love as guiding principles. None of the students have any respect for their government, which they see as “rich folks and major families.”

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SUPREME COURTSHIP by Christopher Buckley

I thought, as I closed this book SUPREME COURTSHIP, Well, that was fun! I mention this because I typically finish a book and think it was good, or so-so, or not so good. I can’t remember the last time I thought a book was simply fun. And the other thing, I laughed out loud. My dog looked up at me in wonderment.

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For fifty years, John Updike served as our peephole into the sordid affairs of middle-class American suburbia, particularly the angst that, according to him, plagues men at all stages of life. Admirers mourned his loss, wondering who could now possibly serve as our literary guide through terrain that has already been mastered. Author Robert Cohen appears to be rising to the occasion, at least with his newest, bitingly witty novel AMATEUR BARBARIANS.

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In this ninth of his eleven Blandings Castle farces, P. G. Wodehouse brings a large cast of mostly repeating characters to Blandings Castle in Shropshire, where their adolescent behavior, their misplaced values, and their obliviousness to real issues in a real world, allow Wodehouse to create gentle but pointed satire of the British upperclass, of which he himself was also a member.

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PERFECT LIFE by Jessica Shattuck

Jessica Shattuck’s PERFECT LIFE takes a satirical look at a group of former college chums in their mid-thirties who are, in some ways, still floundering emotionally.

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