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DAMN NEAR DEAD 2 edited by Bill Crider

Busted Flush’s latest collection of new short stories DAMN NEAR DEAD 2 is a follow-up to DAMN NEAR DEAD, this time with not only a new collection of stories, but also new authors that were not in the first collection. Bill Crider, who won a Derringer Award for his story “Cranked” in the first collection, is the editor of this new collection of “Geezer Noir,” which starts with an introduction by Charlaine Harris.

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Clocking in at over 1100 pages, THE BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF BLACK MASK STORIES s is an impressive collection destined for the shelves of noir and crime fans. This is a companion volume to THE BLACK LIZARD BOOK OF PULPS (and yes, I have a copy of that too). The 50 plus short stories, novellas and novels found in The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories have been “handpicked” from the archives of Black Mask Magazine. The magazine ran from 1920-1951, and as aficionados know, there are only two known complete collections of Black Mask magazine. Old or rare noir is pricey, so this collection is a must for all crime fans.

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NOIR by Robert Coover

I live, eat and breath noir seven days a week, and so when I saw NOIR by Robert Coover, it was one of those books I had to read, and now at the end of that experience, I admit to having mixed feelings.

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THE LEGACY by Kirsten Tranter

Every now and then, a novel comes along that is addicting. Nothing else gets done. Dinner gets burned, if it is even made, phones aren’t answered, and appointments are canceled. This is one of those novels. It is seductive, darkly sexual, haunting, and even frightening. You start waiting for the penny to drop, as the pages keep turning and the clues keep mounting. This is one very hypnotic novel.

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BANDIT LOVE by Massimo Carlotto

If you’re a fan of Italian crime fiction, then reading Massimo Carlotto is a necessity. This author dubbed the “king of Mediterranean Noir” creates bleak worlds in which his Nietzschean anti-heroes struggle to survive.

BANDIT LOVE has the feel of a buddy novel, but the relationship of those buddies is entrenched in past lives of crime. The buddies in the novel are ex-con turned unlicensed PI Marco Burrati (aka the Alligator), gangster Beniamino Rossini, and Max la Memoria (Max the Memory). Burrati and Max, now trying to go straight, are co-owners of a bar named La Cuccia, and here Max the Memory (also known as the Fat Man) endlessly cooks his favourite recipes.

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LET THE DEAD LIE by Malla Nunn

Swaziland-born Nunn’s second 1950s South Africa novel, LET THE DEAD LIE, opens with a prologue in 1945. Series protagonist Emmanuel Cooper, a major in the South African army at the time, comes across a murdered washerwoman in a Paris doorway and immediately abandons the night’s pleasures to stay with the body until the police arrive: “…it was an insult to abandon a body in a city where law and order had been restored.” The main narrative opens in May 1953 in Durban and while Cooper remains true to his convictions, his life has gotten more difficult.

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