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61 HOURS by Lee Child

61 HOURS alludes to a countdown that may presumably end in disaster. As the latest Lee Child thriller opens, a crooked lawyer conducts some shady business at a prison and then skids on the frozen roads of South Dakota, causing a bus carrying a driver, twenty seniors, and our hero, Jack Reacher, to crash into a ditch. Reacher, who is six foot five and physically fit, lends much-needed assistance to the bus driver and passengers, who are stranded near a town called Bolton. The local police send a rescue squad to bring in the victims before they freeze to death in the bitter cold.

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TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer

I usually do not read books labeled “young adult.” I am an adult, many years away from being young, (except at heart!!), and, with a few exceptions, i.e., the Harry Potter novels and Wilson Rawl’s WHERE THE RED FERNS GROW,” I read literature for grown-ups. Yet, to my delight Stephenie Meyer has created an extraordinary young adult series, called “The Twilight Saga.” TWILIGHT is also the title of book one. These are original, delightful novels — even for someone who prefers her/his literature a bit more sophisticated. I could not put the first book down, literally…and will begin book two, NEW MOON, as soon as I finish writing this review. Believe me, there’s a reason that more than 10 million “Twilight” series books are in print. They are addictive.

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In Jim Lynch’s critically-acclaimed first novel, THE HIGHEST TIDE, Miles, a thirteen-year old boy with a knack for being in the right place at the right time, discovers a giant squid on the shores of Puget Sound as it gasps its last breath. What follows is a miracle of nature as oceanic oddities and coincidences seem drawn to the teenage boy. Now, with his second novel, BORDER SONGS, also set in the Pacific Northwest but inland, Lynch has created another story concerned as much with unexplained coincidences and natural beauty as it is with its quirky characters.

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Sheriff Bo Tully is back in THE DOUBLE-JACK MURDERS, another entertaining, fun and enjoyable quick-read mystery by Patrick McManus in the third book of this promising series. In this adventure, the story takes place mostly in the Deadman Creek area of the Snowy Mountains of Idaho where Bo, Pap (Bo’s father) and Bo’s friend “Indian” Dave Perkins go camping, partly to avoid Lucas Kincaid, an escaped murderer who is after the Sheriff, and partly to look into the 1927 disappearance of the father of local resident Agatha Wrenn.

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HEARTSICK by Chelsea Cain

I am not into bloody, gory, serial killer novels, with the exception of Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Lecter – a real favorite of mine, although I wouldn’t want to have lunch with him! However, author Chelsea Cain has come up with a new take on the genre. Her psychopath is a woman, Gretchen Lowell, and an extremely beautiful, brilliant woman at that.

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KILLER SUMMER by Ridley Pearson

Sheriff Walt Fleming is back. He and his department are tasked with guarding a pair of ballyhooed “John Adams” bottles of wine (reportedly a gift to Adams from fellow revolutionary Thomas Jefferson) until they can be auctioned at the summer Sun Valley fund-raiser. He is also trying to shoehorn in some fishing with his nephew, seventeen-year-old Kevin. But duty interrupts their river time when Walt, ever-vigilant, notices a wrecker towing a Taurus away from town where automotive repair services are located.

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