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SHADOW COUNTRY by Peter Matthiessen

I’ve been concerned about reviewing SHADOW COUNTRY from the get go. For starters, it is big at eight hundred and ninety-two pages. And there is the subject matter: Nothing less than a reckoning of the “last American frontier,” the turn of the century coast of southwest Florida, the Ten Thousand Islands, as reflected through the experience of a single, highly complex, enigmatic figure, Edgar J. Watson.

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THE DOWNHILL LIE by Carl Hiaasen

Returning to golf thirty-two years after he gave it up, author Carl Hiaasen, famous for his off-beat and hilarious South Florida mysteries, shares his struggles to relearn the game of golf and maybe, even, learn to have fun with it. Golf is not a natural “fit” for Hiaasen—”I was just as restless, consumed, unreflective, fatalistic, and emotionally unequipped to play golf in my fifties as I was in my teens,” he admits. So why did he do it? “I’m one sick bastard.”

June 8, 2009 · Judi Clark · 2 Comments
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