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THE ROOM AND THE CHAIR by Lorraine Adams

Once a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at the Washington Post, Adams, revisits familiar terrain—international terrorism—in her latest novel, THE ROOM AND THE CHAIR. Set alternately in Washington D.C., Iran and the Afghan-Pakistan border, the novel looks at the interplay between the media and the government and how they work together to determine what information the public is really fed.

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SUPREME COURTSHIP by Christopher Buckley

I thought, as I closed this book SUPREME COURTSHIP, Well, that was fun! I mention this because I typically finish a book and think it was good, or so-so, or not so good. I can’t remember the last time I thought a book was simply fun. And the other thing, I laughed out loud. My dog looked up at me in wonderment.

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The movie, NATIONAL TREASURE, enjoyed healthy box office numbers in part because of Dan Brown’s humongous hit of a novel, THE DA VINCI CODE. Instead of mining clues from symbols in architecture and secretive organizations throughout Europe, it zeroed in on Washington D.C. and its Freemason founders. Now, Dan Brown has ironically chosen the same location and the same Masonic brotherhood as the basis for his new Robert Langdon thriller, THE LOST SYMBOL.

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THE ANTHOLOGIST by Nicholson Baker

Poetry lovers rejoice! Here comes a book for those who exult in word play and delight in the beauty of phrases that trip off the tongue. Here is a volume that savors and celebrates verse as a many-splendored thing: “For instance, ‘They flee from me that sometimes did me seek.’ Or ‘I had no human fears.’ Or ‘Ye littles, lie more close.’ Or ‘The restless pulse of care.’ Or ‘Give me my scallop-shell of quiet.’ “

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HOUSE SECRETS by Mike Lawson

When Joe DeMarco, “fixer” for Speaker of the House John Fitzpatrick Mahoney is called into the Speaker’s office to help him “help a friend” whose reporter son has drowned, he has no idea how his private investigation into the reporter’s death will mushroom into a case which will ultimately affect his party’s choice of a Presidential candidate. HOUSE SECRETS is the fourth in Mike Lawson’s Joe DeMarco series.

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THE TURNAROUND by George Pelecanos

With his 15th novel, THE TURNAROUND, George Pelecanos has written another powerful story that permits him to expound on the themes and issues his writing has centered on: the possibility of reconciliation, the meaning of work, the issues of race and class, the importance of family and friendship, and sacrifice.

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