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LET THE DEAD LIE by Malla Nunn

Swaziland-born Nunn’s second 1950s South Africa novel, LET THE DEAD LIE, opens with a prologue in 1945. Series protagonist Emmanuel Cooper, a major in the South African army at the time, comes across a murdered washerwoman in a Paris doorway and immediately abandons the night’s pleasures to stay with the body until the police arrive: “…it was an insult to abandon a body in a city where law and order had been restored.” The main narrative opens in May 1953 in Durban and while Cooper remains true to his convictions, his life has gotten more difficult.

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Deon Meyer’s books just keep getting better and better. His newest thriller, THIRTEEN HOURS, had me on the edge of my seat from the first chapter. For those readers not familiar with Meyer’s previous books, his novels take place in his homeland of South Africa with this novel taking place in Capetown. The book is a roller coaster of a read with several different plot lines vying for precedence at the same time and each of them as compelling as the other. The book takes place in a time period of thirteen hours, hence the title.

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BLOOD SAFARI by Deon Meyer

Setting his novels in contemporary South Africa, Deon Meyer raises the bar for thrillers by infusing each of his novels with the national political tensions—historical, racial, and economic—and the urban and rural disparities which make the country so complex and so difficult to govern. His “heroes” have traditionally been far from “heroic” in the traditional sense, always people at odds with society, especially in the case of Lemmer, main character (and hired bodyguard) in BLOOD SAFARI, a man who has allowed his passions to dominate him to the extent that he served time for his assault on four men and gained pleasure in killing the ringleader—“I felt at one with the world, whole and complete, good and right. It’s a terrible thing. It intoxicates. It’s addictive. And so terribly sweet.”

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NATURAL ELEMENTS is the present-day story of Joan McAllister, a woman in her seventies, whose forty-something daughter, Eloise (also McAllister), gently but firmly deposits her in an elegant nursing home called The Albany. Before they return to London to accomplish this move, the two take a trip to South Africa, home of Joan’s ancestors. Eloise, a high-powered investment fund manager, returns to England prematurely on a business emergency, leaving her mother to sort through some family history on her own.

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