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The emotions in Tana French’s new book Faithful Place explode on the page and inside the reader. I felt tackled by this book. I started reading it and was grabbed and held down by a force-field hard to describe except that all my senses were caught up in the narrative. I had difficulty coming up for air though I knew it was necessary once in a while. I lived this book 24/7 until I had finished it. That’s Tana French for you.

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ELEGY FOR APRIL by Benjamin Black

Benjamin Black’s third 1950s Dublin thriller featuring pathologist Garret Quirke (after CHRISTINE FALLS and THE SILVER SWAN) finds Quirke in a rehab hospital, from which he will shortly spring himself, for his daughter’s sake.

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LOVE AND SUMMER by William Trevor

In William Trevor’s novel LOVE AND SUMMER, past and present don’t collide but instead merge into a shimmering, elusive and painful present. The novel set in the 1950s explores the lives of interconnecting characters following the funeral of Mrs. Eileen Connulty in the Irish town of Rathmoye.

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If you’re looking for a breezy, late-summer addition to your library, pick up a copy of Monica McInerney’s novel, GREETING FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. A combination of an easy to follow main storyline combined with compelling subplots and a likable main character make it a quintessential beach book.

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DEAD I WELL MAY BE by Adrian McKinty

And so, after discovering a copy of DEAD I WELL MAY BE languishing unread on my bookshelf, I picked up this earlier McKinty novel wondering if the same clever use of structure would appear and whether or not McKinty is as good a storyteller as FIFTY GRAND implied…. DEAD I WELL MAY BE is the first novel in the Michael Forsythe trilogy and begins in Ireland in the aftermath of an IRA bombing.

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THE PIG COMES TO DINNER by Joseph Caldwell

The second installment of Joseph Caldwell’s pig trilogy, THE PIG COMES TO DINNER, might be better titled The Pig Becomes Dinner, a suggestion that shouldn’t spoil the ending. As those who have read the first book of the series know, these charming tales aren’t really about the pig at all. Her ultimate fate lies beside the point, and her lesbian mischievousness (that’s right) serves only to inch the plot forward for an entertaining cast of quirky characters – human characters.

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