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My review is of a paperback reprint of a Tim Powers novel, ON STRANGER TIDES, first published to a good deal of critical acclaim in 1987. No doubt the success of the new movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” inspired the reprint.

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THE WHITE WOMAN ON THE GREEN BICYCLE by Monique Roffey takes an intriguingly different view of the corrosive impact of colonialism. This tale covers fifty years of tumultuous Trinidad history seen through the lives of a married couple–George and Sabine Harwood. The novel begins in 2006–fifty years after the arrival of the Harwoods in Trinidad. They are now in their 70s, and even though they’ve spent more than half a century together, they still, basically, don’t understand each other. Neither do they understand Trinidad.

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MINDING BEN by Victoria Brown

MINDING BEN is a combination coming-of-age story and mainstream fiction novel. At 16, Grace Caton left her small village in Trinidad to live the American Dream in New York City. But nothing went according to plan once she set foot in the States. The cousin she expected to meet her and with whom she was to live never showed up, so Grace had to fend for herself from day one, and she learns that life in the big city is difficult, complicated, unfair and lonely. She gets a break when Sylvia, an overweight immigrant who lives in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn offers her a place to stay, but that place to live comes with the strings of caring for kids, buying her cigarettes and lending her money.

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The mulatto slave Zarité, known as Tété, and her owner, the French planter Toulouse Valmorain form the center of Allende’s novel (THE ISLAND BENEATH THE SEA) about slavery and the slave revolt that freed Haiti.

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PIRATE LATITUDES by Michael Crichton

Pure fun, Crichton’s posthumous pirate novel swashbuckles from dastardly deed to deadly danger and, just when all is lost, cobbles together ingenuity and luck to sail another day of derring-do.

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ANNA IN-BETWEEN by Elizabeth Nunez

ANNA IN-BETWEEN is a novel about an unmarried, Caribbean woman in her late thirties, Anna Sinclair, who begins to understand herself as she comes to understand her parents. The novel explores issues of caste, race and culture in a moving, deeply poignant tale of mother and daughter. Anna goes back to the island of her birth as she does every year, but this time she stays for a month to spend more time with her aging parents…

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