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There are a handful of adjectives and phrases that I will not hesitate to use in describing this book: gem-like, precise, beautiful and charming, for starters. Stewart, my local bookseller, knowing my tastes in literature, gave me this book to read. That’s right my bookseller GAVE me this book. He felt so strongly as to its merits that he wanted me to read it, regardless of the question of commerce. That is extraordinary, and speaks to the seriousness with which my book-selling friend takes reading, good books and friendship. He is not alone in his opinion of HEROIC MEASURES.

August 17, 2009 · Judi Clark · No Comments
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SELF’S MURDER by Bernhard Schlink

I can be slow on the uptake, so it doesn’t much upset me that I didn’t understand the title to this book until I was walking the dog the morning after I’d finished it. Then, in sort of a forehead slapping a-ha moment, I got it. It, the title, is meant to send you off in one direction, only to surprise you and whip you back in another.

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