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THE ACCIDENT by Chris Pavone

Isabel Reed, a literary agent for ATM, spends all night reading, “The Accident” by Anonymous, the new manuscript from her assistant Alexis who was very enthusiastic about it. The book has startling information about Charlie Wolfe, a major media figure with major political connections that is hoping to run for office himself. The information in the manuscript, if true, would certainly end Wolfe’s career as it describes a crime he apparently covered up while a student at Cornell University.

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LONG TIME COMING by Robert Goddard

LONG TIME COMING from British author Robert Goddard is a difficult book to categorize. He’s often referred to as an author of thrillers. This is the first Goddard I’ve read, so I’m not in a position to generalize, but LONG TIME COMING, (his 21st novel if I’m counting correctly) is part mystery-part suspense. This is not literary fiction, but it is a damn good yarn. The novel isn’t marred by the predictability of some mysteries, and it’s written in a very straight-forward style which manages to emphasize its credibility.

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