MostlyFiction was started in 1998 as an exercise to learn HTML.  In those days, it was easier to get noticed on the ‘net and the site quickly evolved into a full fledge book review site with a team of volunteer reviewers and plenty of support from the publishing community and authors.  Although I was unemployed when I started the site, over the years I have been employed, yet have managed to keep the site going (except in 2012=2013). This site has always been a hobby site existing merely to share our love of books, mostly fiction.

In 2009, MostlyFiction changed its format from the traditional website to a blog site. All of the original content is still in the original format.  Thus, when you search for a book or author, you may find that a page looks difference than the more recent entries.  (Hopefully, you will notice this, but if you do, this is the reason why.) 

Here is a brief overview of what you can find (and how you can find it):

New Posts:

The most recent 15 entries will appear in the NEW REVIEWS column on the left. You’ll notice that the home page displays the start of each review; to see the whole review click on the “Read the rest of the post.”  If you want to link to a review, this is when you should do it.

Each review includes a book quote, book cover image, the review, and links to: amazon,  author’s website (if available), reading guides or excerpts or other useful information, a link back to the MostlyFiction author page for more reviews, a bibliography (sometimes only partial).

What’s missing from the good old days?  No author bio & photo and no links to other reviews around the Internet.  However, if there is a preexisting author page, then this information will appear there.


You can leave comments on every posting/review on the site, including this page.  The most recent comments will appear in the left column after the list of recent reviews.

Tags & Categories:

Categories appear in a pull down menu on the right column.  Again, it is only for the new entries and does not account for the thousands of reviews that came before 2009.

Both Tags & Categories are listed at the bottom of each review page.

When you click on a tag or category, it will give you an “archive” page for all entries that meet the criteria of the tag or category.  As these are not automatic but hand chosen, they are not perfect.

Archives Calendar:

Blogs automatically keep track of  all new posts by adding a link to the date on the calendar.  At the end of the month all entries are collected on a “month” tag.  When you click on it , you will give see an archive page for all the entries.  This is a quick way to catch up on what was posted.


Just below the header are TABS for more information.  Since you are reading this it means that you have already found these.  Here’s a brief explanation of each:


The page you are reading now is found under the ABOUT tab, along with an explanation of what came before on the legacy site (“previously“) and a list of each book reviewed so far this year “2009 Books.”


All author pages, whether located on the legacy site or in this new blog format, are listed in alphabetical order here.  You can either click on the tab and bring up a window and click on a letter of the alphabet OR you can simply use the roll over pull down menu and choose the appropriate page.


Book Titles for every review, whether located on the legacy site or in this new blog format, are listed in alphabetical order here.  You can either click on the tab and bring up a window and click on a letter of the alphabet OR you can simply use the roll over pull down menu and choose the appropriate page.

Keep in mind that when we list these titles, we omit articles (A, An or The) and list by the first letter of the next word in the title.  For example, “A Date You Can’t Refuse” is listed under “D” for “Date.”

If you can’t find it, then Search for it:

Click on either the AUTHOR INDEX or TITLE INDEX page tabs and you will search a Google search.

Google searches the entire site — both legacy pages and new blog pages.  It’s great!  I used it often.


Like what you are reading and want to see more reviews from the same reviewer?  From this tab, you can click on a reviewer’s name and see all the books that they have ever reviewed for MostlyFiction.  Click on the title and you will be brought to the review page.


This is what it says it is… links to more pages that will help you find the book you want to read next.  More will be added to this section.


You can sign up for the newsletter here… or try the RSS feed. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


Yes, we have to mention this.  MostlyFiction is entirely a volunteer effort.  Any money that is made from Amazon.com covers the cost to run this site… not the labor… but all the incidentals.  I gave up the notion that this site could pay me or our reviewers years ago.  Would love it, but will settle for collecting just enough fees that I can afford to keep the site running.


We we won’t be adding new reviews to the old part of the website — only to the blog area. Author pages will be updated here and there, but all new reviews will be posted blog style. The gist of it is, MF will still be here and you can visit it anytime. MostlyFiction is a valuable resource to help you find your next great book to read. You will find much of the organizational tools still in place… just moved over to this new format.

Did I mention that one of the benefits of a blog is that YOU can add your comments to our reviews now! Ain’t it great?

And speaking of comments… more than I ever I need to hear from you on the new style. Tell me what works for you, what’s missing and what is a total waste of space.

Happy reading!

April 16, 2009 and January 20, 2014

3 Responses

  1. Krill Press - July 6, 2009

    Dear Mostly Fiction:

    Do you have Review Submission Guidelines posted somewhere for Mostly Fiction, or that could be sent to us? We would love to query you about reviewing some of our new titles.

    Thank you.

    Krill Press

  2. MFadmin - July 10, 2009

    Yes, I have guidelines posted here: http://mostlyfiction.com/submitbook.htm.

    The reason I have not made this more clear is because we are overwhelmed with book requests. MostlyFiction.com has a small review team and since everyone is only a volunteer and lead full lives outside of reviewing, we are limited to how many books we take on in a year.

    That said, we are ALWAYS looking for good, unique reads. I would suggest a different format for you. Please send me an e-mail with each book you want to offer for review. For each book, include Title, Author, date released and a short summary and link to where we can read an excerpt. I will send this email to the review team. E-mail information is here. I would advise that you do this once a month or once a quarter depending on how frequently you have new books for offer.

  3. Cheryl - July 15, 2009

    Like the new format!
    If I only had time to read all of
    the interesting books that you review.

    The ‘tabs’ are similar to those on LibraryThing.com

    How do I ‘link’ or ‘become a fan of’ MostlyFiction.com
    on Facebook?

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