MostlyFiction.com is community of reviewers who voluntarily write about recent books that they read and enjoyed.

The site was started in February 1998 as an excercise to learn HTML and all these years later, it hosts reviews for thousands of authors and their books.

For more information on MostlyFiction and thoughts on book reviewing, see editor Judi Clark’s interview at BlogCritics.

One of the things that MostlyFiction.com has always tried very hard to do is to help you find your next great book to read. As such, various indexes have always been available to include both author pages from the legacy MostlyFiction.com site (pre-blog format) and these new reviews on the blogsite.

When you click on a link to for that lands you on a page in the legacy site, you will see  a different look and different format.  But loads of information including complete bibliographies for each author and brief biographies as well as links to other resources on the network.  The author page also lists a few books that the reader may find interesting if they enjoy this book.

Whenever a new review is posted and there is relevant information back at the legacy site, a link will be provided.  Follow it for more information on the author.

MostlyFiction.com is an Amazon.com associate.  Whenever you shop at Amazon.com by first stopping at MostlyFiction.com and clicking any of the links that lead to Amazon.com, MF will earn commission on merchandise that you purchase. The money earned goes to paying the host fees and other costs related to keeping this site alive. We always appreciate your support! But we also advocate supporting your local bookstore.

This site links titles & covers to Amazon.com,  but we wholeheartedly encourage you to buy books from your local brick-n-mortar store and to visit your library frequently. 

Judi Clark is the editor of MostlyFiction.  If you want to review for MostlyFiction.com or want to submit a book for review, please visit this contact us page.

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