THE ADJUSTMENT by Scott Phillips

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The boss glowered at me when I walked into his office, his shoulders hunched and hangover tense, a condition that had to exacerbate the pain in his ribcage. Before he had a chance to snap at me I dropped the bag with the Hycodan on the blotter that sat atop his massive mahogany desk. “Instructions are written on the side of the bag.”

It was as though a state of grace washed over him just then. His musculature relaxed visibly, and he exhaled as though he’d been holding it in all morning. His torn ear got redder, his eyes brightened and he opened the bag like a little kid digging into his Christmas stocking. “Morphine. Hot Diggety”

“Isn’t morphine. Something new. Better than morphine.”

“The hell you say.”

“Fix you right up, is what the doc says.”

Without reading the directions he unscrewed the bottle top and tossed one into his mouth and crunched it.

Book Review:

Review by Chuck Barkdsale  AUG 5, 2011)

The Adjustment, Scott Phillips latest novel, World War II veteran Wayne Ogden (from The Walkaway) returns to work in Wichita Kansas for Everett Collins, the rich, but lazy owner of Collins Aircraft. Although Ogden is supposed to be the head of the Publicity and Marketing Department, he spends more time finding women, alcohol and drugs for his boss and also helping the women get abortions that his boss has impregnated. Ogden is not above sharing in the alcohol and women despite having a very attractive and pregnant wife at home. He also likes going to the abortion doctor in Kansas City to see his favorite girlfriend Vickie.

This is not a book that everyone would enjoy especially since most of the men, including the main character, are not particularly likeable, or at least shouldn’t be likeable. You really need to check your morals at the first page and just enjoy the book for what it is. Many would also not find it funny, but it is very funny, again as long as you don’t let yourself be offended. Relax, it’s fiction. Wayne Ogden is not that good a person, but his treatment of his sleazy boss is fun to read as the excerpt above shows. If you haven’t read anything by Phillips, but have seen the movie The Ice Harvest, based on Phillips’ first book of the same name, you’ll get a sense of what to expect in this book. Overall, I really enjoyed Phillips style in the first person novel.

While still missing his days in the service and adjusting to his life at home, Ogden starts receiving strange messages, starting with this first one:


Ogden figures this and the other messages he gets must have something to do with his time in the service when he was a supply sergeant with the Quartermaster Corps. Of course, true to his nature, Ogden used his time there to occasionally do what he was paid to do, but spent more time overseeing his sale of prostitutes, alcohol and other items. His skills honed in the service were now in use working for his boss Everett Collins. Nonetheless, this work often led him to meet some violent people in both jobs and he becomes concerned about what he may have done to result in these disturbing notes.

Up to now, the only thing I had read by Scott Phillips was a short story in Damn Near Dead 2. I had seen him speak at Noircon in November, 2011 and have since picked up a few of his books, including the free (with a donation of your choice) book, Rut issued by Concord Free Press. After reading The Adjustment, I’m glad I have more to read.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-5-0from 4 readers
PUBLISHER: Counterpoint (July 26, 2011)
REVIEWER: Chuck Barksdale
AUTHOR WEBSITE: Scott Phillips
EXTRAS: Reading Guide and Excerpt
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