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“Please, Myron, I need your help.”
This was, for Myron, a bit of a fantasy: a shapely, gorgeous damsel in distress sauntering into his office like something out of an old Bogey film—except, well, the saunter was more of a waddle and the shapeliness was coming from the fact that the gorgeous damsel was eight months pregnant, and really, sorry, that kind of killed the whole fantasy effect.”

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Review by Chuck Barksdale  (MAY 7, 2011)

Myron Bolitar is back in Live Wire, the tenth book in this great series and the first since Long Lost (2009). Last time, Myron was in France but this time he’s back in New York and north Jersey where he works as an agent representing sports professionals and other celebrities. Myron is asked for help by one of his first clients, former tennis star Suzze T. (Trevantino) who is now eight months pregnant. She wants Myron to find her husband, Lex Rider who is missing after seeing the post of “Not His” about his wife’s pregnancy on her Facebook page. Suzze convinces Myron that the statement is not true and pleads with him to find her husband and get him to return to her. Lex, a member of the HorsePower group, is also one of Myron’s clients, so he is quick to offer his assistance.

Myron easily finds Lex in a nearby club and while there, he thinks he sees his sister-in-law Kitty who he hasn’t seen in over 15 years. Myron tries to get to her but she escapes the club before he can. When he returns, Lex is no longer there.

Myron, with the help of his long time partner and friend, Win (Windsor Horne Lockwood III), looks into both disappearances. Suzze and Myron’s sister-in-law Kitty were tennis opponents 15 years ago when they were at the height of their sport, but their relationship ended then when Kitty decided to leave tennis and travel the world with her husband Brad, Myron’s brother. Myron’s relationship with his brother also ended back then when Myron tried to convince his brother that Kitty was no good and was cheating on him. Since then, Kitty and Brad have avoided Myron but, in looking at Kitty’s Facebook page, Myron finds out that their marriage appears to have been a good one. They even found time to have a son, Mickey. Myron eventually tracks down Kitty and discovers that Brad is now also missing. And he finds that Kitty has returned to her drug dependent days of her youth and that she was in the club trading sex for drugs.

As Myron is working on finding Lex and Kitty and his brother Brad, Myron’s father Al is hospitalized. Myron’s mother Ellen pushes Myron to leave the hospital to help with his father’s wishes to find his son Brad.

Lex Rider is the least popular half of the band HorsePower. Gabrial Wire, the more famous of the two members of HorsePower has lived in seclusion on Adiona Island, four miles off the coast of Massachussetts. Myron and Win discover that Lex is now living in Wire’s mansion on the island which is also being guarded by former mob aide Evan Crisp. With Win’s help, Myron finds out that Evan Crisp is actually still working for Herman Ache, a local mobster that Myron has dealt with in the past. Ache apparently is making money off of HorsePower and needs to protect his interests. This only adds to more challenges to Myron and Win as they fight to understand the secrets of everyone involved and hope for the best for Myron’s father Al.

This book will not disappoint long time fans or new readers that enjoy fast paced action along with frequent humor. Occasionally in Coben’s books the action can seem a bit unrealistic as Win, and to a somewhat lesser extent Myron, are usually invincible, but that’s the nature of most thrillers, which this series has become. The relationship between Myron and Win is always enjoyable and, despite the jokes, they clearly care for each other. This is also true of Myron’s relationship with the other people in his firm, who have small but important roles in this book, Esperanza Diaz and Big Cyndi.

All of the books in the series have personal elements as the back story of the characters is always an important part. This time, the main story is even more personal as Myron deals with his past relationships with his brother and sister-in-law and how that affects him now as well as the aging condition of his parents and his long-term relationship with Win. By the end, this made the book one of the best in the series and made you forget some of the weaker moments in the book such as the silly sexual relationships between Win and his girlfriends Mee and Yu. I also found the beginning of the book a little slow to get on track.

Overall, this is another enjoyable addition to this series and one that I recommend very strongly to new but especially to long time fans. You will not be disappointed and you will learn some new things about Myron and in the end you will wonder where the series will, and can go next (other than into the new young adult series as discussed below).

Harlan Coben has used Live Wire as a way to introduce Mickey Bolitar, the main character of his new young adult series. The first book in that series, Shelter is due out in September, 2011. If you plan on reading Live Wire, do not read the advance information on Shelter as some spoilers about Mickey and his family that you find out near the end of Live Wire impact his new adventures. Coben was smart in setting up the new series this way as he may just get some of his adult Myron Bolitar fans to read them too. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist reading at least the first one.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-3-5from 163 readers
PUBLISHER: Dutton Adult; First Edition edition (March 22, 2011)
REVIEWER: Chuck Barksdale
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