THE BOOK OF SPIES by Gayle Lynds

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“In his imagination he locked the door, chose an illuminated manuscript, and carried it to his favorite reading chair. He sat with the book on his lap and savored the hammered gold and glistening gems. Then he opened it and turned pages, absorbing the brilliantly colored drawings and exquisite lettering. He could read none of the foreign languages in the library, but he did not need to. Just seeing the books, being able to touch them, recalling the sacrifices and care throughout the library’s history helped to banish his ugly childhood, the hardscrabble life, the missing father, the angry mother. The sense of loss he felt as he had witnessed Langley spiraling downward in a wash of political bullshit. ”

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Review by Ann Wilkes (JUL 9, 2010)

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The Book of Spies would make a great edge-of-your-seat movie. But I’d hate to see a single scene cut. Gayle Lynds’ first book of her new spy series begins with an assassination. Tucker Anderson’s former colleague is picked off by a sniper before he can tell Tucker what has him so rattled. The dead man’s son was in army intelligence and wants to help Tucker find out who killed his Dad and why.

Discovering that the Library of Gold, an ancient library of priceless, jewel-studded manuscripts really exists and its keepers are behind Jonathon Ryder’s murder, Tucker enlists an expert. He finds rare book expert Eva Blake in jail for the death of her husband – an act which Blake has no recollection of. Eva and Ryder’s son Judd follow a lead that takes them first to the British Museum. Tucker remains at his covert CIA unit, Catapult, locked down for the duration.

It soon becomes apparent that something big is brewing in the Middle East in connection with the library’s elusive “book club,” involving terrorists and a large bank account. Tucker must find out what and when while Eva and Judd dodge bullets, don disguises and leave dead bodies in their wake.

Tucker’s concerns about sending Eva, an untrained civilian, into the field turn out to be unfounded. She has martial arts training and is a natural-born spy. And, unlike Judd, she enjoys it. Eva has a personal axe to grind with the book club as well when she learns they framed her for her husband’s murder. She and Judd make a good team, although at times, they struggle with their mutual attraction and their thirst for revenge.

Meanwhile, a mole within Catapult is making things still more dangerous for all three of them.

A member of the Association for Intelligence Officers, and co-founder of International Thriller Writers, Lynds writes completely convincing spies with complex motivations and personalities. The characters travel through several countries, bringing the reader with them to see, feel, smell, hear and taste exotic locales.

The ending is full of surprises and satisfying without being sappy. I can’t wait for the next novel in this series.

AMAZON READER RATING: stars-4-0from 54 readers
PUBLISHER: St. Martin’s Press (March 30, 2010)
REVIEWER: Ann Wilkes
EXTRAS: Excerpt

Our interview with Gayle Lynds

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